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is it an exercise any more
or has it become an exorcism
an expulsion of "things"
ideas, words, thoughts
pieces of our own personal heaven and hell

I know the meaning of those words
and the ideas they confine
feathery tarts and hoofed masochists
have nothing to do with either
unless of course you'd like to believe

sometimes we need to hear a lie
and most of the time we decide to listen
instead of seeking the truth

ah, see here, this is where it starts to break down
existence spins quietly around oblivion
twice concluded of its own worth
it takes nothing serious because
it isn't serious

bitches and bastards stir stardust into their coffee
it's hard to take it any other way once you've had it
it becomes a drug - like good sex
you want it from the most subconscious of parts

that sweet, sweet comfort of familiarity
self-indulgent to the last drop

can you see it coming?
just out of range and around the corner
what do you see?
what will you say?
what will you do?
do you have a choice?

...and perhaps i'm leading you on
like a $5 whore that can sense an easy lay
just a few steps away with a simple gesture
a seductive smile and all the right words
alluring until the cup is empty and the mirror falls away

you shake off the static haze of copulation
seeing through half-red, half-dead eyes
life is crawling through the stable door

pick up your feet
you're running
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yes, an update.

i do hope you find this work inspiring... what else is art good for but inspiration?

i have some more stuff in the workings... "key word" workings...

i have my work up in a website now... lots more there than here but a lot of repeat stuff too. it is my company website...

Yes, i started my own company. Check us out, man.
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Tue Feb 20, 2007, 10:58 AM
a realization of life

you come to understand that the more you learn, the less you know.

even when you think there is nothing more to be understood from your current situation, something smacks you in the face to remind you not to be arrogant.

over these past weeks i've come to know my mortality and the simple fact that "i will never attain my absolute."

and gods hope that i never do.

the day that i can no longer grow is the day i stop creating...

that day will be the day that i die.

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as promised.

i do hope you enjoy my style and my thoughts.

i have several projects running besides school:

vivid thoughts: creatures reciting bits of things from my sporadic writings over the years.

the girl: my personal style exploration and ink work practice. (i do this to relax).

claude and imagination: a character personifying my creativity and his constant companion, the octopus, is his tangible imagination.

paul wilkes photography : i am part of the art directive team for this studio and occationally i will post work that i do with/for him/us/them.

the cloudeater: not posted yet. be anxious!!!!
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i've was here in the past.
i went through withdrawal, artistically.
i started college.
i'm having inspiration overload.

there are so many, many things to get in order...

give me time...

but expect something soon.
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